4 Yoga Poses to Combat Headaches

By Eloise King

Headaches can be caused by a variety of reasons, some of which including tension in your neck, tight shoulders, and/or back pain.

Yoga can be a beneficial therapeutic tool for relieving headaches brought on by muscle tension and stress.

These yoga poses are designed to gently stretch and open those areas, while circulating blood to your head. So, Instead of reaching for pain relieving tablets next time you have a headache, try these yoga poses first to see if you can beat it naturally.

1) Seated Neck Release
Sit in a comfortable position, place your right hand on the left side of your head and gently tilt your head to the right. Hold for a few breaths and then switch sides. Repeat on both sides one more time.

2) Quarter Dog
It takes the pressure off your hands and wrists by having you rest on your forearms. Take deep breaths while in this pose, and just let your head hang between your shoulders. …readmorehere

3) Happy Baby
Lie on your back with your knees bent, holding onto your thighs or the outside edges of your feet. You can slowly rock from side to side to increase the stretch in your hips and lower back, and to gently lull your mind into a state of relaxation.

4) Wall Straddle

You need a wall and a blanket or some pillows. Sit as close as you can to the wall with your bum and lower back propped on the folded blanket. Spread your legs wide in a straddle position and relax your arms out to the sides. Just close your eyes and breathe, staying as long as you’d like.

Lee4 Yoga Poses to Combat Headaches

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