10 Things Mums & Moms Everywhere Need To Know

Well, it’s Mothers Day tommorrow and all week my gorgeous boy Max, 7, has been trying his hardest to keep a secret from me.

Then today, seemingly out of the blue, but quite possibly primed by his Goddess of a second grade teacher Mrs Brown, he says: “Mamma, even if you get up early tomorrow, you need to stay in bed for me, okay?” Adorable, I think. I love him so much.

Then he says; “Mamma, do you like poached eggs or scrambled?” Awww… “Poached eggs, honey,” I answer. “I love poached eggs.”

And then, not being one for massive amounts of Self control, he says:
“And mamma… shall I give you your mothers day present now or in the morning?” I giggle. “In the morning please honey would be lovely,” I say, as my own mother, standing by, guffaws and confirms that tomorrow is officially the right day to deliver his mothers day present.

And then comes the kicker… “Thanks for everything you do for me, Mum.” And I melt… which is how I do hope all Mum’s get to feel at some point on Mothers Day – recognised, thanked, appreciated and loved for the amazing work they do each day and forever.

So, in an attempt to help that along, I’m sharing this Soul Pancake message from Kid President with you and your favourite mums & moms. Kid Pres says it is the mums who are keeping kids dancing!


1) Put down your phone
2) Don’t call your kid phone
3) We love you, but sometimes we dont know how to say it – it comes out crying and screaming
4) Stop cleaning
5) Mum is upside down is wow
6) Go easy on the meatloaf
7) Thankyou for cleasning up all the poop
8) We love to see you have fun!
9) Hug more, shout less
10) The secret to changing the world is mums

Lee10 Things Mums & Moms Everywhere Need To Know

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